The Master in Landscape Architecture pursues an innovative and propositive approach to landscape. Current knowledge and analytical strands on landscape serve a propositive focus which makes from this training a professional, practical and contemporary master program.


The Master in Landscape Architecture has brought together in Barcelona students from around the world and landscape architects from the international scene over the past thirty-nine years. From that time on, the master, has been continously forming professionals and the relationships between renowned landscape architects and the upcoming ones.


The master focuses on planning, desing and managment of landscape proposals to train the students professional preparation. The international teaching staff accompanies the students throughout the process, from their experience in the professional field, and also trains them to present and defend the project properly.
The Master in Landscape Architecture approached from 8 different and complementary perspectives. Each of them addresses a specific problem, for which students design different experimental solutions. The sum of these different focuses builds, at the end, an unique frame through which the student will exercise the profession.

The MLAB‘s programme is structured around 4 main modules (A. Public space and applied BIM, B. Green systems and applied BIM, C. Water systems and applied GIS and D. Tourism and applied GIS), 4 tools applied to landscape projects (I. BIM applied to public space, II. BIM applied to water systems, III. GIS applied to green infrastructures, IV. GIS applied to Tourism), one international intensive course (I. Remaking landscapes) and a set of theoretical courses (Contemporary landscape projects’ critique, Master final project).

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