Remaking landscapes


Within the master’s studios, in the end of the first academic year, a 100 hours intensive workshop takes place with the aim to offer to students the experience to work intensely with recognized personalities or/and emerging figures at an international level in the field of landscape education and professional practice. Guest professors suggest their own methodologies and personal approaches as well they usually propose the studio’s theme. Contemporary landscape topics such as public space at the edge of the Mediterranean metropolis, or a combination of urban and tourist use of specific landscapes, such as the coast, are discussed under a broader perspective.
It aims to provide master students the opportunity to work with recognized and emerging figures in the landscape field, both academics and professionals worldwide. Teachers are invited to propose, from a personal approach, his themes and methodologies. The worked issues are debated under a wide perspective (project planning, analytical, diagnostic), and are present in the landscape reality: the project of public space within the limits of the Mediterranean metropolis, the introduction of urban or tourist uses in specific landscapes, such as the coast, etc..

International intensive course III

6 ECTS, 50 teaching hours

Is held over two weeks in July, 2020,  with classes from Monday to Friday from 15:30 to 20:30 h.


– Research, analyze and accomplish a well-founded personal reflection on the surrounding environment.

– Handle a specific problem about landscape management and specially related to urban landscape and green systems.

– Search specific practical and achievable solutions.

– Acquire fresh perceptions and methodologies in the field of landscape

Qualitative (*competences) and quantitative (ECTS credits) analysis:

*According to the EBANELAS ECLAS competences frame