Theoretical courses



Critique is an important means of reflection on the products of creative processes, it trains the ability of critical thinking and transparent communication. In this course, students will be asked to choose a contemporary landscape project and write an illustrated project critique. On the basis of literature studies, lectures, field studies, drawing and writing exercises, they learn to construct a coherent and well-founded critique. Critique writing will inspire them to challenge our their opinions, to explore what is meant by a design, to explain how it should be understood, to propose potential comparisons, to show by what criteria it could be evaluated and to indicate the larger lessons one can take from this evaluation... Go to the site



Professional Practice: In the first part of this course, the students will undergo an immersion period of 250 hours of work experience in some international or national landscape offices where we have a collaboration agreement. A professional tutor will be assigned to each student and welcome him or her and supervise his or her progress in the workplace.

Dissertation: The students will have to produce a research project or thesis of a critical nature and showing a holistic vision concerning all the knowledge assimilated throughout the master and specifically based on the knowledge acquired during the work experience stage.
Finally, an oral presentation of their work with digital/visual supports will be evaluated in front of a panel of three or more experts… Go to the site


The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya reserves the right to change the program content, which can vary for adaptation to the course objectives.