Raffaella Colombo

She was born in Milan, Italy, and she lives in Milan and Copenhagen.
Graduated at Politecnico di Milano with a Master’s Degree in Architecture and a final thesis on Landscape Architecture,. She has been teaching Landscape Architecture in University for 28 years, at Politecnico of Milan, at the Master Level, teaching also with Renata Rippa, Tomas Maldonado, Achille Carstiglioni, Marco Dezzi Bardeschi, at the School of Architecture, from the theory to the applications developing a strong holistic method of analysis and approach towards the discipline. She is still currently professor in Landscape Design at the School of Design-Politecnico di Milano- at the international Master in Spatial Design. She is visiting professor for intensive modules Living Public Landscapes in Copenhagen, Denmark, at KEA- Copenhagen School of Design and Technology-. She is interested in visible and invisible systems of the complex compositional layers of the City, in order to create better visionary projects to increase human relations, users’ interaction, and a new strong, specific urban green identity. During her academic career she has co-planned and reviewed more than 1500 university projects, planning systems for public spaces all around the world, and carried out more than 260 university lectures.
She lived in Australia, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Colombia and Chile, taking part in stages to research and study the history of ancient gardens and open spaces, local cultures and identities, anthropology, urban innovation and architecture of contemporary public spaces. Invited, as Team Leader and university teaching staff member, to participate at 45 international University workshops on planning urban public spaces in Denmark, Italy, Canada, England, Serbia, Spain, Chile, Mexico. Selected to be part of several international competitions and juries for Landscape, including in 2015 as a Member of the scientific committee for Milan Expo, for Landscape Agritecture Awards, in 2016, 2017 and 2018 as a Member of the international Jury in Milan, for the most important Landscape Award in Italy by Paysage, Triennale di Milano and the National Council of Italian Architects. Promoter of university exhibitions, study trips and events. In 2010 she founded the multidisciplinary researching group Architetti InQuieti focusing on studying experimental methods for planning new urban landscape projects. Selected, in 2014, for the prize- Innovation in university teaching in Landscape-in Italy, and as Archi-writer for the book -Paesaggi di Fuoco – by the Milan Architects Association for the strong vision on Urban Landscape. Selected, in 2018, as critic in contemporary landscape architectures, by the Italian Government to represent Italy in Denmark during the Days of Contemporary. Selected, in 2018, for her method in teaching, in Italy, as one of the best university professor to lead an international class at Politecnico di Milano, School of Architecture-Campus Leonardo-by italian press. Selected in Europe, in 2019, by the Nacional Council of Landscape Architects in Mexico, as unique Academic-Critics in Landscape to give the Master Lecture at the XI Mexican Congress of Landscape Architects. She is author of many university Courses and professional, international educational projects, such as, Walking The Cities, in 2019,to improve Open air lectures in public spaces for Walkable cities and Extreme Workshops, an innovative format to let students and professionals experience unusual ideas in planning. She has many working collaborations with professionals. Correspondent for the international magazines Paysage-Topscape in Italy, Denmark and South America. Correspondent for the university cultural magazine ANANKE. Member of the Italian Architects Association in Milan. She wrote 28 academic publications in Landscape. She is Explorer and Poet.