Aquiles González Raventos

Aquiles González

Dr. Aquiles González Raventós, PhD in Architecture is former Vice Dean of ETSAB and a Professor at the Design Department. He has conducted a specialized course in Urban Space Design Criteria for many years at ETSAB. He was coordinator of an international doctorate program (Quality of Design QUOD) focused in the relationship between infrastructure & landscape with other five European Universities. Actually he is Professor at the design Course of the Fifth Year and responsible of the subject Architecture, Theory and Criticism in the master of the ETSAB The Contemporary Project,
Since 2007 he coordinates Creditation process through the protocol UNESCO-UIA convention to improve the quality of teaching and research in the field of Architecture mostly in South American and North American universities.
Since 2012 he is External Examiner at the Welsh School of Architecture of the Cardiff University in the Urban Design Master program.
In 2010 – 2013 International Evaluator for the Schools of Architecture of Portugal.
From 1996 to 2009 Director of the International master program La Gran Escala, “The Large Scale” having been involved in this program since its beginning in 1993. Some publications on this subjects show the architectural and theoretical production.
In 2012 he is invited to propose a new design for the sea border of Valparaíso city, Chile, following the design criteria of The Large Scale research.
In 2004-2005 he is invited to collaborate with professor Eugenio Garcés of School of Architecture at the Pontificial Catholic University to develop a masterplan for the commune of Providencia that included a proposal new parking areas for the commune, redefinition of the edges of canal San Carlos and Mapocho river.
Since 2006 he is Design Professor at the Scuola Superiore Europea di Architettura Urbana in Naples, Italy.
From 1998 to 2003 European coordinator of an exchange program between USA and EU on globalization and its relation with the study program in architecture. This program was financed by a grant of the European Union as well as the state Department of the United States.
From 1986 to 2001 he participated in the IPS (International Permanent Staff) of ILAUD (International laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design) directed by architect Giancarlo de Carlo, Peter Smithson, Aldo van Eyck and others as part of the Board. The work took as case studies design intervention in urban centers of italian historicals towns. In this period a research in the old Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala, Siena, and in the neighborghood of San Miniato was developed. His work is published on the many ILAUD publications of this period.
In 1988 he was awarded a fellowship Award as a resident fellow in the Spanish Academy of Rome to research on Bramante, Raphaello Sanzio and Baldassare Peruzzi’s drawings and the relationship to those of contemporary architecture.
In 1985 he was awarded by the COAC for his PhD thesis “The evolution of the façade in the Renaisance palaces. 1450-1537”.
He has been awarded in various national competitions in his professional area.
Recent publications include: In praise of a letter (Barcelona, 2019) ETSAB ISBN :978-84-09-08096-0 Reflections and notes. Special issue Circle of Architecture ETSAB ISSN2014-0142. -Urbane infrastructures: how installations make a city in Barcelona, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Urban Design and Planning Vol. 168, nº 6, pp. 293-303, London (2015). Imaginando el dodecafonismo en las topografías del Parc Güell, “Darrer any de carrera: Projectes X matí”. pp. 47-53 Homenatge a Manuel de Solà-Morales, D’UR, nº 3, Barcelona (2012). Historias del Team 10 y otras refelxiones, DPA: Documents de projectes d’arquitectura, nº 27/28, pp. 126-131, Barcelona (2011). The Large Scale. A new centrality for Santiago de Chile, Universidad Mayor, Santiago de Chile 2008. The Sky Tower, Domus nº 894, pp.56-61 Milano (2006). EAEN Europe & America Exchange Network, Barcelona 2006. La Gran Escala, Paris Proposals for the 21st District. Barcelona (2005). La Gran Escala. Salerno. El agro nocerino Sarnese, Barcelona. (2004). La Gran Escala. Porto A new center for Freixo. Porto & Barcelona (2003). La Gran Escala. Atenas. Hellenikon master plan. Barcelona (2002). L’Espai Urbà. Criteris de Disseny. Vol II. UPC Ed. Barcelona (1996). Arquitectos catalanes, a monograph on Enric Miralles, Elias Torres and J.M. Martinez Lapeña., ARQ Editorial, Santiago de Chile (1995). Due case e tre edifici publici, a monograph on the architect Francesco Venezia, ARQ Editorial, Santiago, Chile (1994). L’Espai Urbà. Criteris de disseny. Vol I, UPC Ed. Barcelona. La Restitución del Gran Teatro del Liceo en el recuerdo. FAIPAC Review, nº 0. La Coruña. (1990). ILAUD’s Yearbooks, Milano 1986-1992. Etc.