The master’s programme: Master in Landscape Architecture Barcelona is focused on project questions, and management and maintenance of the landscape while maintaining a commitment to current issues. It also places an emphasis on the need to continue investigating the big issues in landscape architecture while at the same time backing the exploration of emerging ideas.

The master’s programme Màster Arquitectura del Paisatge was founded in 1982-83, and it was the first masters at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and the next course will be its 39th anniversary. Throughout this period over 578 professionals have taken this course which covers a very particular niche in the training for professionals in landscape architecture.

The programme is made up of around 60% project work. The 40% remaining involves acquiring knowledge through attending theory-conference classes given by expert professionals as a complement to the design process aspect of all the workshops.

At the end of the course the students will have to prepare a final project which will include spending a period of time in a landscape architect’s office and also doing their thesis.

These courses carried out at the UPC are validated by the International Federation of Landscape Architects – Europe (IFLA – Europe) as being equivalent to all the other course that have been taken all over the world in the last 150 years and will allow anyone successfully completing these course to work as a landscape architect all over Europe.