On February 14th, the (MAP-UPC) Master of Landscape Architecture’s students presented the projects that they carried out during THE GREEN SYSTEMS workshop: FIREWORKS.

The master’s director, Jordi Bellmunt (MAP84‘) attended the presentation, with the participation of the main professors Anna Zahonero (biologist and landscape architect MAP90’) and Pepa Morán (architect and landscape architect MAP02‘), Marc Castellnou (forestry engineer) and GRAF inspectors.

The teachers that participated in the development of the student’s project decided to participate also at the final presentation: Jordi Castelví (forest engineer sub-inspector of the GRAF), Raquel Soares (Architect and landscape architect MAP02 ‘), Rut Domènec (expert biologist in forests) and Eduard Plana (forestry engineer).

During the day, all the student’s group showed and explained their projects.

The projects were based on a rigorous analysis that combined the ages of the different forest masses due to agricultural abandonment or historical fires, the current firebreaks in the forest (electricity networks, farmhouses today in use, road networks, etc), and the location of the strategic points to manage the place of study.

The students studied the resilience and resistance of each environment and established the most dangerous polygons of each area (fire management polygons). This polygons established the strategic management points that should define the strategy of each project.

The following photographs show some of their works. The proposals combined actions on landscape with fire’s disturbances, the theme of the workshop.

GROUP 1: Morgado Lapa Trancoso Helena, Kleiman López Daniela, Mendoza Ávila Pedro Alexander, Rojas Oncoy Ana Elvira Carolina, Baez María Paula.

GROUP 2: Emma Rojas, Zahra Yousefi, Diana Zúñiga Guzmán, Shadnoush Moshiri, Sathika Jienjaroonsri,  José Herrera Barbales.

GROUP 3: Schmidtler Stella-Zoë, Piliego Valentina, López Carrillo Karla Paola, Giobando María Josefina, García Maximiliano Rodrigo.

GROUP 4: Girone Greta, Dattoli Rossella, Varas Jaime Sebastian, Guilarte Maria Julia, Artiagoitia Silva María Paz.

GROUP 5: Tillar Ximena, Cecilia Rodríguez-Gimeno Wiggin Ana, Salas Vicens Maria de Lluch, Quaranta Roberta,

de Liddo Antonio.

The day ended with a debate in which invited technicians, teachers and students exchanged their opinions on landscape, disturbance and its management through the project.