OLIMPIC BARCELONA: Contemporary Landscape Projects Critique

The critique

This new theoretical subject pursues to explore the mechanisms of analysis, research and critical reflection on contemporary landscape projects.

From some years on, it is common that Theory on Landscape Architecture has been sought through the work of specific authors. The task of comprehending projects, getting the scope of the proposals and the contemporary style of certain landscape trends will be the theoretical foundation on which discussion and reflection will grow.

Teaching team:

Professors: Lisa Diedrich & Marina Cervera i Alonso de Medina

Assistant: María Jesús Huarte

The topic

Given that this year in the 25th anniversary of 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, students will reflect on the great transformations that were carried out in the city on the occasion of the international event.

Students will be asked to choose one out of the five great interventions that the city experienced and to write an illustrated project critique. In this way they will not only be able to analyze the initial project, but also to evaluate the evolution that it has had in time.

The process

Based on literature studios, conferences, field studies, drawing and writing exercises, students will learn how to build a coherent and well-founded critique. The critical writing will inspire them to challenge their opinions, to explore what they understand by design, to explain how it should be understood, to propose potential comparisons, to show the approaches to evaluate and to point out the widest lessons that can be drawn from this evaluations.

The objective

  • Apply analysis methodologies in contemporary landscape projects.
  • Design a theoretical proposal concerning to new landscape tendencies.
  • Recognize current and future advanced tendencies of Landscape Architecture.


From the 2nd to the 13th of October, 2017.

Monday to Friday

From 9.30h – 13.30h and from 14.30h-16.30h.



Enrolments are still open, remember you can take this subject inside the Master’s program or independently.

Contemporary Landscape Projects Critique – 2016-2017

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