Water and tourism


The purpose of this workshop is to present the personal vision in the landscape design of a renowned professional-professor, taught as an intensive course. It wants to connect students with different international professional contexts than the Catalan and expand local visions. The issue is subject to the proposal of the visiting professor, but related to the first major workshops, Water Systems and Systems of Green, as is held parallel to these subjects.

International intensive course II

2 ECTS, 25 teaching hours
Is held over one week with classes from Monday to Friday from 3.30 pm  to 8.30 pm.


– Research, analyze and accomplish a well-founded personal reflection on the surrounding environment.

– Handle a specific problem about landscape management and specially related to urban landscape and green systems.

– Search specific practical and achievable solutions.

– Acquire fresh perceptions and methodologies in the field of landscape

– Study and apply essential aspects of the profession such as ecologic laws, agricultural systems and, not less important, search for beauty.

Qualitative (*competences) and quantitative (ECTS credits) analysis:

*According to the EBANELAS ECLAS competences frame