Manuel Ruisanchez

Manuel Ruisánchez

Architect and landscape architect

Architect for the ETSAB (1982), the career of Manuel Ruisanchez takes place -from its beginnings- through
Two parallel paths, the professional and the academic. Manuel Ruisánchez (member of the Department
of Urban Planning and Territorial Planning of the UPC since 1982), is a professor of Urban Planning and
Landscape Master, also imparting lectures and workshops in universities in Spain
as abroad (Harvard, Washington and IUAV-Venice, among others) in the last three decades.
Professionally, Manuel Ruisánchez constituted Ruisánchez Arquitectes in its current format in 1997.
The studio, which has won numerous competitions and prizes in the fields since its creation
of architecture, urban planning and landscape, has extensive experience in projects
large-scale, both nationally and internationally. In the landscape area, Ruisánchez Arquitectes
has executed a large number of projects of various kinds and scale. The activity of the study
focuses on the transformation of the existing urban fabric: in the design of public space, both in
urban and suburban areas, and in the regeneration of degraded areas. The interventions are carried
out in natural landscapes or on the edge of the built fabric, where urban growth requires
a particular focus.